Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Royal Flush Havanese Complaints About Complaint Sites

Royal Flush Havanese complaints about complaints sites should help decipher what you should and shouldn't believe when researching a company. Most review and complaint sites allow anyone to post anything about a person or company. If there is one unscrupulous person out there who decides to target you or your company you can be destroyed on the internet overnight.

I recently read that one of the most popular complaint sites is run by a man accused of extortion. I would tend to believe this since when I wrote to the site with proof about fictitious information that was posted about Royal Flush Havanese by someone out to dissuade people from doing business with us, the response was that for a fee they would do their own investigation, otherwise, even though their terms of service prohibit defamation and I had unrefuted proof that the post was indeed defamatory, they would not remove the post. Legally, these sites do not have to remove any posts without a court order. Legally, it is their right to allow anyone to post anything, true or not.

When the internet began, the government decided to steer clear and not regulate what is published for all to see like they do with radio, television and print. It sounded like a good plan, less government intervention, but it set up a medium where there are virtually no laws or rules and people are tortured, stalked and beat up online. It's an excruciatingly long process but laws are finally being passed to stop cyber bullying and hopefully those laws will expand to protect the consumer and businesses as well.
In the same way a riot begins on the street so too is a cyber mob initiated. All it takes is one person to start an attack and before you know it, people are writing false information on any sites they can find with no restrictions.

The Better Business Bureau is a reliable organization that monitors reviews to insure that they are from real customers and that if there is a real complaint that the company is made aware of the problem and given the opportunity to address the situation. We are grateful to be able to refer potential customers to the BBB and provide countless testimonials from real customers who value honest, ethical business practices. It's easy to believe what you read, but investigate for yourself and try to be sure what you read is from a trustworthy source. Complaint sites destroy lives. Royal Flush Havanese is BBB accredited with an A+ rating as of June 5. 2012.

Royal Flush Havanese Complaints About Dog Supervision

Royal Flush Havanese complaints about dog supervision involves real stories from real customers who were devastated by the results of even a split second's lack of supervision. My condolences to those of you who have lost pet's to unfortunate accidents. We're retelling your stories to help save another pet's life. Names have been changed.

Susan lives on a beautiful piece of property on the water in Jamestown. Jacob, their havanese puppy went out to play daily and visited with the man who lived in the guest cottage on the property. One day, Jacob wasn't responding to Susan's beconing and when Susan went to fetch her dog she couldn't believe her eyes. Jacob had gotten his head stuck in the downspout, torn it off the house and dragged it around the yard until the whole ordeal took its toll. Susan found his lifeless body, head still in the downspout.

Lisa let her 4 year old toy dog, Sadie, out to do her business several times a day. As she called Sadie back into the house on one particular spring day, she witnessed a fox disappear into the woods with a limp Sadie flopping from its mouth. Lisa had never seen fox in the neighborhood before that day.

Julie always accompanied her havanese puppy, Cindy, out to the yard to do her business and didn't use a leash because Cindy never ran off. Julie opened the back door, her pup ran out heading for the "spot" to do her business with Julie right behind her when an owl swooped down, picked up Cindy and flew off.

The Perkins' found the remains of their 5 year old havanese devoured by coyotes at the edge of their property.

These are the worst of Royal Flush Havanese Complaints. It doesn't take long to lose a family member. Please adjust how your dog is supervised accordingly.

Royal Flush Havanese Complaints About Switching From The Recommended Dog Food

Switching to another dog food other than that which was recommended by your breeder is one of the biggest Royal Flush Havanese complaints. If you trust your breeder, and you should if you're getting a new family member from them, please trust that they have chosen the best dog food for your new puppy. Royal Flush Havanese really does take their job very seriously and wants to make sure that your puppy has all the best in his life and that starts with great nutrition. Trust that we have read about the recalls, read the ingredients, watched everything about our dogs on different foods and believe we are giving you the best recommendation we can make about what to feed.
When we get a call from a puppy buyer after any amount of time who tells us that their dog is not acting the same, has loose stools, isn't as hungry, has changes in his coat, is suffering from allergies, etc. and they have even taken him to the vet who says everything is fine, the first thing we ask is "Did you change his food?" Overwhelmingly the anser is "yes". PLEASE CHANGE HIS FOOD BACK! The situation resolves itself in almost every case when the food is switched back to the original diet.
We also highly recommend NuVet Vitamins daily for all dogs. Despite an excellent quality diet, we believe these vitamins help keep our dogs in top condition, extremely healthy and we wouldn't miss a day giving them to our havanese puppies or adults.

Royal Flush Havanese Complaints About Veterinarians

Royal Flush Havanese complaints about veterinarians is not a long list, but you should always be your own and your dog's best advocate. We have some suggestions.
Before Bennie was a year old, I was informed by his owner that he popped out a cherry eye. Cherry eye is a condition where the 3rd eyelid which houses the tear gland in a dog prolapses, or falls out of place usually looking like a pink blob of flesh in the corner of the eye. There is debate as to whether this is genetic or not. I've even heard it can be caused by the groomers hair dryer being too forceful in the eye area. Bennie's vet immediately recommended surgery estimating at least $1200+. I called my vet to discuss the situation. He could repair Bennie's eye for $150.
What a shame that when you are need and want the best for your pet you have to price shop! BTW, Bennie's cherry eye repaired itself within a week and hasn't been a problem since. Real cost = $0
There are a lot of wonderful veterinarians out there. Make sure yours is one of them. They should be up to date on the latest techniques yet in touch with old school options that get the job done just as good, if not better.
We brought one of our girls who was having a very difficult premature delivery of havanese puppies to an exceptionally well known, well respected veterinary hospital in MA. The inexperienced vet came into the room and told us their fee would be $8000 -$10,000. After pulling myself up off the floor, I had a discussion with the vet who was able to drop her "price" to $2000 if all went well and $0 if they couldn't help my girl who they didn't think was going to make it through. WHY DID I HAVE TO NEGOTIATE?
Royal Flush Havanese complaints about veterinarians lesson to be learned;